Terms of Service; Revised Edition

1. Introduction

a. The Coquille Indian Tribe Portal (the "Portal"), located at https://portal.coquilletribe.org, is for use by Tribal Members 18 years old and older and other eligible users (the "User") to receive information from the Tribe, to provide input back to the Tribe, and to communicate with each other interactively.  Other eligible users are determined by the sole discretion of the Tribe.

b. The Terms of Service (this document, hereafter "TOS" or "Agreement") are the sole agreement between the Coquille Indian Tribe and the User for the use of the Portal, various disclosures as to how the Portal will be managed, and by what means the Tribe will enforce adherence to these terms.

c. By requesting and using an End-User Portal Account (the "Account"), the User agrees to the terms set out in this document. Additionally, explicit agreement to the TOS is required as part of the Account request process. By agreeing to the TOS, the User acknowledges that he or she has read and understood this document, and accepts all of the terms and conditions.

d. The Tribe may, from time to time, revise the TOS. By continuing to use the Portal, the User accepts any revised TOS which may be published. The current TOS will be accessible from the Portal login page, and may be accessed prior to logging in or requesting an Account.

2. Requesting a Portal Account

a. Eligibility for Accounts (Logins)

i. Eligible individuals include those who have not had an account previously suspended (unless the suspension has expired) or terminated who are:

1. Coquille Indian Tribal Members 18 years old or older, or

2. Non-Tribal legal guardians or adoptive parents of Tribal minors who would otherwise have no possible representation on the portal.

b. It shall be the policy of the Tribe to provide Portal Accounts to enrolled Coquille Indian Tribal Members (hereafter Tribal Members) and others as outlined below.

i. No access to the Portal will be granted to Users without a valid login.

ii. In order to obtain a Portal Account, an individual must fill out and submit an Account Request Form. Instructions will be available at the address specified in Section 1.a. of this document.

iii. Information required for an account includes up-to-date contact information (such as email address, mailing address, and telephone number), enrollment number, and any other information requested in order to verify the identity and eligibility of the User desiring an Account.

iv. Refusal to provide required information will result in denial of access to the Portal.

c. Usernames will be generated and assigned by the Coquille Tribe Website Team (the "Web Team") and will be based on the associated User's real name.

i. The User may request a commonly used nickname or abbreviation to be used instead of his/her legal first name as part of the username creation process (for example, Bill instead of William.)

d. Anonymous Usage Prohibited

i. Portal Users agree not to conceal or attempt to conceal their identity on the Portal by any means.

1. Note: it is currently possible for a User to change his/her display name; however, the username of the underlying account can be easily revealed by any User by clicking the display name; User agrees not to select or define a display name which is different from his/her common or real name or assigned username.

e. Shared Portal Accounts:

i. Portal Accounts may be shared with the Account Holder's spouse and/or immediate family within the same household, subject to the following conditions:

1. The person who registered the original Portal Account (i.e. Account Holder) will be held responsible for the use of his/her account by others he/she shares the account with.

2. The non-account holding User should sign his or her real name to the bottom of any posts, comments, etc. (since the username which will otherwise be displayed will be that of the Account Holder only).

3. If the Account Holder determines that his/her account has been compromised, he/she must report the matter to the Tribe immediately for resolution.

ii. For situations where both spouses are Tribal members, or multiple eligible members dwell within the same household, each Tribal Member may request his/her own separate account (or he/she may choose to share with a primary account holder, subject to the same aforementioned conditions.)

iii. Portal Accounts may not be shared with any other persons, and may not be shared with persons outside the Account Holder's actual household.

f. Staff User Accounts:

i. At the discretion of Tribal Administration, selected employees of the Coquille Indian Tribe will be provided with Staff Portal Accounts ("Staff Accounts") as appropriate.

ii. Staff Accounts will be differentiated from regular Portal Accounts by the use of both a visual cue attached to staff avatars and a username prefix of "staff_".

iii. Tribal Member Employees:

1. Employees who are also Tribal Members may be granted Staff Accounts for use in an official capacity only.

2. Tribal Member Employees are still eligible for normal Portal Accounts (subject to the stipulations of the TOS) which they may use in their personal capacity.

3. Therefore, some Users may have two accounts; a Staff Account for official use only, and an end-user account for personal use only. Tribal Member Employees must use the correct account depending on the capacity in which they are acting.

4. Normal end-user Portal Accounts used by Tribal Member Employees are subject to the same terms as other end-user Portal Accounts used by Tribal Members who are not employed by the Tribe.

iv. Staff Accounts may not be shared under any circumstances.

v. Inappropriate usage of a Staff Account may lead to disciplinary action against the holder of the account, up to and including termination of employment.

3. Information Submission and Acceptable-Use:

a. It shall be the policy of the Coquille Indian Tribe to monitor postings to the Portal to ensure submitted content does not violate the TOS. The Tribe wants this to be an enjoyable experience for all Users. Prohibited uses include, but are not limited to:

i. Personal attacks; rude or crude material; racist, derogatory, or defamatory remarks; items with sexual innuendos; or any other type of material that is deemed offensive by the Web Team (who is the WebTeam? ); or

ii. Sending, accessing, storing, or linking to discriminatory, harassing, defamatory, or pornographic material; or

iii. Providing fraudulent or deceitful information, or intentionally misleading others; or

iv. Impersonating staff or other users:

1. Users must not attempt to impersonate staff by any means (including but not limited to using an avatar mimicking the visual cue used to designate staff users);

2. Users must not attempt to impersonate any other users by any means (including but not limited to using a display name which mimics that of another user); or

v. Attempting to access administrative capabilities of the Portal or its server(s), attempting to elevate Portal Account permissions, or otherwise attempting to compromise or circumvent the security of the Portal system; or

vi. Using information gathered through the portal for the purpose of sending unsolicited commercial communication (or spam.)

1. At some point in the future the Tribe may add a special section to the portal where users will be allowed and even encouraged to post information about their businesses or items for sale; commercial communications may be initiated through that function of the portal once and if made available.

b. Standards for User-Contributed Content:

i. User-contributed posts, comments, and other content must be "on-topic" (meaning they must relate directly to the associated post or category they are being posted under.)

ii. Content that violates this Terms of Service will be addressed in accordance with this policy.

iii. Users should report any content that violates this Terms of Service to a moderator or member of the Web Team.

c. Comment Moderation:

i. User comments will normally be published automatically without prior review.

ii. Moderators (consisting of assigned staff) will be employed to help detect and respond to violations of the TOS.

iii. Moderators will monitor posts, comments, and other content on an ongoing basis to ensure the interactions comply with the standards set forth in the TOS;

1. If content is detected which violates these standards, it will be deleted.

2. Moderators and/or the Web Team will make the final determination as to what constitutes aviolation of these standards.

4. Account Suspension & Termination

a. Portal access is a privilege, not a right.

b. The Tribe reserves the right to suspend or terminate an account for violations ofthe TOS.

5. A User may appeal a decision to suspend or terminate his or her account to the grievance committee. When an account suspension or termination notice is issued, the account holder will be advised of his or her appeal rights and the procedures to file an appeal. Final decisions concerning account suspension or termination shall be made as set forth in the appeal procedures.

6. Nothing in this policy waives or limits the sovereign immunity of the Coquille Indian Tribe, or operates as a consent to suit on behalf of the Coquille Indian Tribe, its employees, elected officials, or agents.

Revised 1/26/2010 0953 zmd (With 12/8/2009 gs and 12/16/2009 bvk revisions)